Best Selection of Padlocks, Lock Boxes & More in the Durham Region

Come into our retail location for a wide variety of padlocks for your indoor and outdoor requirements.

Types of padlocks we stock

  • Keyed different – padlocks are on individual keys
  • Keyed alike – padlocks can be purchased in groups alike working on the same key
  • Weather resistant – suitable for using outdoors
  • Colour coded – can be used to comply with your safety program
  • Re-keyable – padlocks can be rekeyed if they become compromised or to match an existing key
  • High security – keys cannot be duplicated by employees or tenants
  • Variety of sizes – we offer different thickness and lengths of schackles
  • Master keyed – padlocks can be keyed individually with a master key to open all locks
  • Bluetooth enabled – padlocks open with your phone
Lock Boxes

Lock Boxes are used by Realtors and Landlords to be able to give someone access to their premises when they are not there.  They hold the keys keeping them secure for when needed.  They can be hung on a door or secured to a wall for a more permanent option.  We sell a variety of brands and sizes, with combination or dial access.

Key Cabinets

We stock key cabinets of various sizes .

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